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New GSA Website

Dear All,

The GSA Website has moved. The GSA Executive Board hereby presents the new Official Website of the Graduate Student Association at . The new website has been developed over several months and has some key new features :

  • Central Location to stay updated with all GSA News and events for current and incoming students
  • Online Discussion Forums : As requested and demanded by students. All the lengthy discussions can now take place online in the convenience of proper and familiar forums. Go to forums Now
  • Online Funding Application : We introduce easy and convenient to use online funding application. The GSA shall henceforth accept ONLY online funding applications submitted at the GSA website.
  • Dedicated Housing Section : Includes Housing Guides for Bremen and soon to come University-wide Dynamic Housing Offers Gallery.
  • Other Services : Online Lounge Reservation, Contact Information, Meeting Minutes, etc
    And to ease it all, it works with your Jacobs username and passwords like campusnet, teamwork , etc .

Important : If you currently link to the GSA's teamwork pages, please update your links to


Ankur Modi
On Behalf of the GSA Executive Board

Welcome to Jacobs University and the Graduate Students Association!

If you are a Masters, PhD or Post-doc student at Jacobs then you are automatically enrolled in the GSA and are represented in university matters by the Executive Board. The Board and volunteers are here to help you adjust to your new life in Bremen.

Please refer to the information below or contact us if you have any questions!

Good luck,
Your Executive Board

       GSA Events

       Housing Offers & Housing Guide


       Coffee Breaks Mondays 13:00-14:30, Wednesdays 14:15-15:30 and Fridays 15:00-16:30 in the GSA Lounge

       Incoming Graduates Fall 2009 your intro to Jacobs begins here!

       O-Week 2009 (Aug 25-Sept 1)

Directions to Jacobs from Bremen

There is a train from the Main Train Station every :11 and :41 minute in the direction Bremen-Vegesack. Get off at 6th stop, Schönebeck, and take a right off the train. Go up the staircase and turn right, cross the overpass. Follow Bruno-Brügel-Str. as it curves sharply left. The Jacobs Campus is on your left, use the main gate. Reimar Lüst Hall is on your immediate left, where you can pick-up your Welcome Package. The GSA Lounge is in the Student Activities Center, in the back-left of the campus.


(red star) To sign-up for a Graduate Mentor register here.


Community Projects


Discussion Forum

Your Questions and Suggestions

If you have further questions or suggestions about the GSA, please contact the Executive Board, or just leave a comment here

Excess Budget Discussion Forum

Excess Budget Discussion

You have ideas on how the excess budget should be best allocated? Want to see what the other fellow students think about it? Give us your ideas! Comment here! Let your voice be heard!

Stay Tuned!

To keep in touch with the GSA, you can:

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