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If you are a Student and have IT Problems click here: →  Service Desk for Students

Starter Pack

If you are new at Jacobs University, follow What to do first in IT .

For compiled IT information have a look at.

Jacobs University members need a CampusNet account to access services.

VPN can be used to access Intranet services from outside the university.

Internet is provided through the Eduroam Wireless / Wired network.

Constructor University members have a feature-rich Email account.

Teamwork is a central wiki and blog platform.

A File Server provides centralized storage.

Staff and resident students have a Telephone available.

The multi function Printers deployed on campus can also Scan.

Additional Software is available. (More Software)

To find more services, use the Link Collection.

Use of services is governed by Policies.


Comprehensive Documentation is provided.

There are several contacts available to help. (Contact Info)

Blog Posts

Blog stream

Create a blog post to share news and announcements with your team and company.


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  1. Since today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day, THANKS FOR YOUR WORK (not just on teamwork)!