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The following is a list of CampusNet actor types of Jacobs University members, who have a work contract with the University, i.e. who are employees of Jacobs University:

  • President/Vice President
  • Professor
  • Visiting Professor
  • University Lecturer
  • Research Instructor actor type unused
  • Research Associate
  • Research Assistant
  • Technician
  • Director
  • Assistant

This especially excludes the following non-employees of the University:

  • Sonstige Faculty, e.g., guest researchers without a working contract from the University
  • Adjunct Professors
  • Lecturer (Honorarverträge)
  • Praktikant
  • Mitarbeiter sonstige

This also excludes students, even and esp. if they have a student assistant or teaching assistant contract.

(thumbs up) The LDAP group "Confluence-Employees-LDAP" AD group "GS-JACOBS-Employees-FLAT" represents these members and can be used in teamwork to set permissions.

See Groups to use for assigning permissions how to make use of these groups for resource access authorization.


  1. There is some confusion about the "Lecturer" status. Apparently nowadays there are two different "Lecturer" categories, "University Lecturer", with a labor contract, hence being employee, and "Lecturer Honorarverträge" without a labor contract, hence not being employee.

    This distinction has not yet found its representation into CampusNet, therefor also not into teamwork.

    1. (tick) This issues has now been solved.

      University lecturers have the CampusNet address type "University Lecturer" now. They differ from the address type "Lecturer", in that university lecturers are employees of Jacobs University, but "Lecturer"s are not.

      If there persist issues with University Lecturer's access to employee-only resources, please check the search interface first, if your CampusNet adress type is correct. If not, please contact the personnel department to have it changed.

      After the address type has been changed in CampusNet, it may take up to one day until access is possible.