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The following is a list of CampusNet actor types of Jacobs University Members, who neither have a work contract with the University, hence are neither Jacobs University Employee, nor are Jacobs University Student, but who do have a guest contract or some other formal arrangement with Jacobs University, making them Guest of Jacobs University.

  • Mitarbeiter sonstige
  • sonstige Faculty
  • Adjunct Professor
  • external Instructor
  • Lecturer (not to be confused with actor type University Lecturer)
  • Habilitant
  • Praktikant

(info) While a Jacobs University Guest has a formal arrangement outside a work contract with Jacobs University, a Jacobs University Visitor has not, and while the former is a Jacobs University Member the latter is not.

See Groups to use for assigning permissions how to make use of these groups for resource access authorization.

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