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Xpressions provides voice boxes, fax functionality, and also allows to access various phone functionalities by web browser.

The Xpressions system is available at two different web locations:

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How Tos

How to change the password

In the WebClient, click on menu -> Change Password. 

How to set and reset call forwarding

In the WebClient, click on menu -> General settings -> Common > Forwarding. In the "Forward incoming calls" section, in the "unconditional to:" dropdown list, select the forwarding destination you want the call to go to, click "OK".

If there is no available option in the dropdown list, click the pencil icon above the list and add a call destination. Please use full international phone number format, e.g. +494212004666 for number 4666 at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany.

To reset call forwarding, in the same dropdown list, select "Not activated". 

How to set and reset email notifications about missed calls

In the WebClient, click on menu -> General settings > Common > Journal. In the "Notifications for missed calls" section, in the "E-Mail Address:" dropdown list, select the forwarding destination you want the email to be sent to, click "OK".

If there is no available option in the dropdown list, click the pencil icon behind the list and add an email destination.

To reset email notifications, in the same dropdown list, select "Not activated". 

Frequently Asked Questions - with Answers

Q: What is Xpressions?

A: Xpressions is the product name for the web interface to the telephony system and the voicebox and fax functionality.

Q: Who gets access?

A: Jacobs University employees with a phone number not shared with others.

Q: How do I get access?

A: Please contact the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff

Q: I forgot my access, how do I get a new password?

A: Please contact the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff

Q: What are the password requirements?

The passwords needs to have at least one lower case character, one upper case character, one number, and one special char. It must at least be eight characters long. 

Q: How do I access Xpressions?

A: With a web browser via two web pages:

Q: What is the difference between the WebClient and the Web Assistant?

A: The WebClient is the "nicer" interface with more functionality and should be the default to use. The Web Assistant however has a few functionalities not available in the WebClient and is needed for voicebox configuration and fax sending.

Q: When should I use the WebClient or the Web Assistant?

A: The WebClient is best for daily use. If you need to send a Fax, or need to configure voicebox options not available through the WebClient, have a look at the Web Assistant.

Q: If I try to access the WebClient with my Web Browser, I get a message "Unfortunately, OpenScape WebClient does not support your browser" and I can't login.

A: The WebClient is not compatible with the default Microsoft Internet Explorer installation. You can switch the browser to "compatibility mode", but then Jacobs' home page can't be displayed properly any more.

Q: What's the workaround to use the WebClient with Microsoft Internet Explorer?

A: Don't use Internet Explorer for Xpressions WebClient, instead, use a different browser. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are known to work.

You could also press F12, in "Emulation" tab, "Mode" section, "User agent string" dropdown list you can select "Internet Explorer 10" and reload the login page. The WebClient will work until next logout.

Q: How many people can call into a phone conference?

A: If nothing else was set for the conference, it can consist of the organizer and three more participants.

If you need more participants, you need to add phone numbers to the conference before starting it, up to ten. These names and numbers do not need to be the callers who will participate, but if they are, the web management interface of the conference will display the proper names. In this way, a maximum of fourteen people can participate: the organizer, plus three anonymous callers, plus ten callers via added numbers.

Q: Callers get the message "no licenses available"!?

A: More people trying to connect to the conference than possible. Please see the previous question for the maximum number of callees and how to enable them.

Q: Callers get the message "no resources available"!?

A: This happens, if a conference was created some time ago and is now being re-used, but has expired internally. Please change the pin of the conference and use the new pin.


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  1. New interface does not work yet: 

    "Sie können sich zurzeit nicht anmelden. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal. "
    1. (sad) Submitted Ticket#2016113011000051

      1. Solved not an hour later. The message is misleading, we'll see how we can improve that.

  2. Dear Schmidt, Torge, is there any plan (or does our license provide such capability) to have xpression working also with the mobile phone version of openscape (meanwhile there seems to be a new version of that, the OpenScape UC that used to work is seems deprecated) in the near future? 

    1. Sorry, nope. We decomissioned the UC service because of the low acceptance on campus.

      1. Just want to add that the UC service was very useful and I would be grateful if it can be re-installed. Would save me some hassle of asking our teamassistant to go to my office to switch off the forwarding to my mobile phone


        1. Uh, wait, but you can do forwarding and stuff via the new WebClient!? Not sure what you are missing here.

          The web interface is not overly nice on restricted-screen-size-mobile-devices, but, while not pretty or very mobile-first-ish, actually does work even in the browser of my ~5 year old mobile phone exactly as described above!

          1. To be honest, I just saw the webclient \! The last time I tried to access it, it was down or you were installing it. So at the moment, forwarding is manual and I (others) need to press a button to switch things on or off. Now I need to find my old settings or try to remember how to setup things the way I had them. Using this webinterface via my phone is going to be tough (but not impossible). 



  3. ok, I see ;( . Partially related question: what about the old fax sending/receiving interface of the old xpression (outside WebUC) ?

    1. It's still there! That's the Web Assistant as decribed above. There, "Mail Client" -> "Compose Message" -> "Message Type: Fax".

      1. Ah, ok. thanks a lot. Any hope that the mobile UC gets resuscitated at some point? It's actually very handy e.g. when on mission.

        1. Hm, I'd value the probability as a tad less than $\varepsilon{}$ :-/